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Welcome to Busy Dolphin!

Next Generation Online Event and Group Management Service


Whether it is kid's birthday party, or a barbeque , or just a lunch with a few friends, Busy Dolphin makes it easy and convenient to organize your events. Best of All - it is FREE!!!


Manage memberships, Organize events, Accept Payments or Donations, Build and host website, Share Photos and media and Social Network that really works for your needs.

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Get all the e-services that you need from one source - Web site hosting with self edit capability, Email marketing, Organize and Publicize Events, Accept Online Payments, Publicize website, Secure client areas..

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Share Photos, Documents

You can upload your photos here or link seamlessly you any other popular photo sharing sites. You can control who can upload and/or view the photos. Members can upload documents as well. It is great for meeting minutes, to-do lists, account spreadsheets or presentations.

Interactive Membership

Members or individuals can interact thorugh emails or onsite shout-outs. These are the most popular features that keep the groups alive and active.


Group and event organizers send the reminders and receive notifications.

Preset Events

No need to setup your event from scratch. You can choose from several of the available event types. You can request a new event type and use it the next time.

PreConfigured Groups

The structure and features of Preconfigured Groups help you instantly form your organization. You can make the group Public or Private groups. Busy Dolphin lets you keep group information including events, membership, photos, documentsFor public group Busy Dolphin helps with your publicity.

You Ask - We Deliver

We improve and add to our service constantly. If you think of any feature that can help you manage your organizations, events better - all you have to do is ask and we will get it done for you...

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